Rage Paternoster Trace


  • Short trace for patostering
  • MUST be used with uptrace
  • 49 strand steel wire
  • Size 4, 6, 18kg wire
  • Size 8 12kg wire
  • Attaches via Diamond Swivel


Introducing the Fox Rage Paternoster Trace – Precision for Paterosting Baits
When it comes to paternosting baits, shorter traces are essential for precision. Our Quick Change Paternoster Traces have been meticulously designed to provide a safe and effective solution when targeting predators in paternostering scenarios.
Key Features:
Short Trace Designed for Paternostering: These traces are specifically crafted for paternosting, offering the perfect length to optimize your bait presentation and increase your chances of success.
MUST be Used with an Uptrace: For added safety and effectiveness, our Paternoster Traces must be used in conjunction with our Heli Rotary Uptrace, ensuring secure bait presentation and predator targeting.
Constructed from 49-strand Steel Wire: Each trace is constructed from robust 49-strand steel wire, providing the strength and durability needed to handle the toughest of predatory encounters. (18kg for size 4 & 6, 12kg for size 8)
Available in Various Sizes: Our Paternoster Traces are available in sizes 4, 6, and 8, catering to a range of bait and predator preferences.
Attaches to Mainline via Size 7 Diamond Swivel: Making setup easy, these traces can be securely attached to your mainline via a size 7 Diamond Swivel.
Elevate your paternosting game with Fox Rage Paternoster Traces – where precision, safety, and strength combine for exceptional results on the water.

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6, 8, 4 Barbless, 6 Barbless, 8 Barbless

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