Nash Heli Kit


  • Enlarged bore Chod rig bead
  • Moves freely on line
  • Passes freely over leader knots
  • Buffer Boom creates space between lead and rig
  • Absorbs fish lunges
  • Tangle-free set up
  • 3 per pack

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The Sliding kit introduces a highly versatile solution to your rigging needs. At its core is a specialized Chod Rig Bead, expertly crafted with a central bore of expanded dimensions. This innovative design allows the bead to move freely up and down along naked mainlines or when coupled with leadcore and leaders. This adaptability makes it ideal for scenarios that involve running chods and helicopter end tackles, where the link demands unrestricted mobility for enhanced presentation.
A notable feature of this kit is the removable top bead, engineered with a tapered structure. This unique configuration ensures the bead can smoothly glide over leader knots without hindrance. This consideration, beyond its functional value, is a testament to our dedication to carp safety – should an unfortunate breakage occur, the carp’s well-being remains paramount.
Incorporated into the Sliding kit is our proprietary Buffer Boom mechanism, thoughtfully designed to create a strategic separation between the lead and the rig itself. The ingenuity lies in its capacity to absorb the energetic lunges of lead-shaking carp, effectively thwarting any attempts to throw the hook. Complementing this safeguard is the lead sleeve, expertly engineered to ensure an organized, tangle-free setup, a testament to our commitment to making your fishing experience as hassle-free as possible.
Each kit has been meticulously assembled to equip you with all the necessary components to fabricate three complete rigs. We’re confident that the Sliding kit’s innovation, functionality, and dedication to carp safety will elevate your fishing experience to new heights.

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