Nash Scope


  • Full cork handle
  • Matt black Fuji reel seat
  • Reverse Minima ringing
  • 50mm butt rings
  • Anti-frap tip rings
  • Carbon line clip
  • Blank alignment markers

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Nash Scope Cork Fishing Rods: 9ft 3.25lb

The Nash Scope Cork Fishing Rods are the perfect choice for anglers looking for a high-quality, versatile rod that can handle a variety of fishing applications.

These rods feature a robust blend of 1K Scope carbon blanks that are both durable and flexible. This makes them perfect for both finesse and power fishing, from the gentle pull of a roach to the vigorous tug of a heavyweight carp.

The 9ft 3.25lb model is the perfect all-round rod for a variety of carp fishing applications. It is light enough to be used for floater fishing and light bait presentation, but it also has the power to handle big fish and heavy leads.

The rod features 50mm butt rings and anti-frap tip rings to optimize line control. This helps to prevent line tangles and casting issues, so you can focus on catching fish.

The Scope Cork Rods also come complete with a matt black Fuji Gold Label reel seat, a carbon line clip, and a laser etched compass butt cap detail. These high-quality components ensure that your rod will last for many years to come.

The full cork handle provides a comfortable, insulating grip. This makes the rod feel like an extension of your hand, providing you with the utmost control and sensitivity. It is also a great feature when angling in colder conditions.

To ensure seamless retraction, Nash has added blank alignment markers for both the butt and the central overfit. This thoughtful feature allows the rods to be stored or transported with ease, making them the perfect companions for any mobile angler.

Nash’s Scope Cork Fishing Rods are a testament to the company’s commitment to helping anglers experience the joy of fishing. These rods will ensure that you’re not just casting a line but making a statement of intent with every throw. Designed for the discerning angler, they epitomise performance, durability, and control – a testament to Nash’s legacy and its future in the world of angling.

Key Features:

1K Scope carbon blanks for durability and flexibility
50mm butt rings and anti-frap tip rings for optimized line control
Matt black Fuji Gold Label reel seat
Carbon line clip
Laser etched compass butt cap detail
Full cork handle for comfort and insulation
Blank alignment markers for easy storage and transportation

Length: 9ft
Test curve: 3.25lb
Action: Medium-fast
Guides: 50mm butt rings, 40mm intermediate rings, anti-frap tip rings
Reel seat: Fuji Gold Label
Handle: Full cork
Butt cap: Laser etched compass
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