Matrix River Keepnet


  • 6mm flow through mesh
  • Anti abrasion protection
  • Dual position connector
  • 4m x 50cm x 40cm

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The Matrix River Keepnet is a reliable and efficient fishing accessory designed specifically for river anglers. With its robust construction and practical features, this keepnet is an excellent choice for keeping your catch safe and secure during your fishing sessions.
Measuring 4 meters in length, the Matrix River Keepnet provides ample space to accommodate a significant number of fish. The generous length makes it particularly suitable for fast-flowing rivers where larger catches are common.
The keepnet features a strong 6mm flow-through mesh that allows water to pass through easily. This design prevents excess water from accumulating in the net, ensuring the fish remain healthy and in optimal condition.
To enhance durability, the Matrix River Keepnet is equipped with heavy-duty polycarbonate rings. These rings provide excellent strength and stability, ensuring that the keepnet retains its shape and holds up well under the pressure of the catch.
Each ring of the keepnet is equipped with full anti-abrasion protection. This feature prevents any potential damage to the net caused by contact with rough surfaces or sharp objects, ensuring the longevity of the keepnet.
The Matrix River Keepnet offers a dual-position angle connection, allowing you to adjust the positioning of the net according to your preference. This flexibility ensures that the net is always in the optimal position for effective use.
With a width of 50cm and a height of 40cm, the Matrix River Keepnet provides a spacious and comfortable environment for the fish. The ample space allows the fish to swim freely and reduces the risk of them becoming tangled or stressed.
Constructed with 100% polyester material, this keepnet offers durability and reliability. The polyester fabric is strong and resistant to wear, ensuring that the keepnet withstands the demands of river fishing.
Upgrade your fishing gear with the Matrix River Keepnet and experience the convenience and functionality it provides. Its length, flow-through mesh, heavy-duty rings, anti-abrasion protection, dual-position angle connection, and spacious dimensions make it an essential tool for river anglers.
Ensure the safety and well-being of your catch with the Matrix River Keepnet, a reliable companion that enhances your fishing experience and helps preserve the aquatic environment.

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