Mainline Essential Cell Quads Pop-Ups


  • Difficult for fish to eject
  • Perfect for single hookbaits
  • Use over particles
  • Use as a Zig or surface hookbait

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Mainline Essential Cell Quads Pop-Ups revolutionize bait presentation with their groundbreaking design and exceptional performance. These remarkable 10mm square-shaped baits are an innovative addition to Mainline’s renowned bait range, offering anglers a unique and captivating option for targeting pressured fish that have become wary of traditional rounded boilies. With their unconventional shape and profile, the Quads aim to stimulate curiosity and entice even the most cautious of fish, giving anglers a distinct advantage on the water.

What sets the Mainline Essential Cell Quads apart is their meticulous development process and the careful selection of flavors from Mainline’s popular existing range. Each flavor option has been carefully chosen to ensure a wide variety of choices, catering to the diverse preferences of anglers and maximizing attraction. By incorporating these proven flavors into the Quads, Mainline has created a bait that not only stands out visually but also entices fish with its irresistible scent and taste.

Versatility is another key feature of the Mainline Essential Cell Quads. The pop-up version allows anglers to effortlessly incorporate particles into their bottom bait presentation, providing an added layer of attraction and interest. This combination of particles and Quads can be particularly effective when targeting fish that are preoccupied with feeding on smaller food items. Anglers can experiment with different combinations and presentations, tailoring their approach to the specific feeding behaviors and preferences of their target species.

Moreover, the Quads have been meticulously designed to ensure consistent buoyancy and longevity. Made with high-quality ingredients and advanced manufacturing techniques, these baits maintain their buoyancy for extended periods, giving anglers ample time to attract and hook their desired fish. Whether used as a single hookbait, as part of a snowman rig, or in a high-attract Zig or floating surface presentation, the Quads deliver outstanding fish-catching potential.

The Mainline Essential Cell Quads Pop-Ups are not only visually striking but also highly effective. Their unique shape and alluring flavors set them apart from traditional round boilies, offering a fresh and intriguing presentation option. Anglers can rely on these baits to trigger curiosity and attract even the most cautious fish. By incorporating the Mainline Essential Cell Quads into their baiting strategy, anglers can enhance their chances of success and elevate their fishing experience.

In addition to their outstanding performance, the Quads are easy to use and can be seamlessly integrated into various rig presentations. Their square shape lends itself perfectly to single hookbaits, allowing anglers to present an enticing and different profile to their target fish. The versatility of the pop-up version, which can be combined with particles, adds another dimension to the Quads’ appeal and increases their effectiveness in different fishing scenarios.

To make the most of the Mainline Essential Cell Quads Pop-Ups, anglers can take advantage of the accompanying CF1 Hookbait Booster. This potent additive can be applied to the baits, enhancing their attraction and prolonging their effectiveness in the water. By giving the Quads a light coating of the CF1 Hookbait Booster and allowing it to dry in, anglers can ensure that these baits release powerful feeding triggers and maintain their appeal over time.

Anglers should store the Mainline Essential Cell Quads Pop-Ups in cool, dry conditions, away from direct sunlight, to maintain their quality and effectiveness. It is important to note that repeated liquid coating of the baits may reduce their buoyancy, so anglers should exercise caution when applying additional additives.

In conclusion, the Mainline Essential Cell Quads Pop-Ups are a game-changer in bait presentation. Their innovative square shape, carefully selected flavors, and exceptional buoyancy make them a powerful tool for anglers targeting pressured fish. With their versatility and effectiveness, the Quads offer endless possibilities for rig presentations and baiting strategies. By incorporating these remarkable baits into their angling arsenal, anglers can elevate their fishing experience, increase their chances of success, and unlock the potential to catch their dream fish. Prepare to revolutionize your baiting approach with the Mainline Essential Cell Quads Pop-Ups and experience the thrill of enticing even the most wary of fish.

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