Mainline Cell Pop Ups


  • Consistent buoyancy
  • Provides perfect presentation
  • 250ml tubs


Mainline Cell Pop Ups are part of the Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop Ups range, specially designed to complement the popular Dedicated Freezer Range boilies. These 15mm pop-up hookbaits offer consistent and reliable buoyancy, ensuring your rig is impeccably presented.

As fishing conditions vary throughout the season and from lake to lake, many anglers consider the option of using pop-up hookbaits essential. These pop-ups are capable of supporting “heavy” rigs such as the Hinged Stiff and Chod Rigs, keeping them in the optimal hooking position for extended periods. With Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop-Ups, you can have complete confidence that your rig is performing flawlessly.

What sets these Mainline Cell Pop Ups apart is their use of the same liquid attractors found in our extensive range of freezer baits. This means that they perfectly match the appearance and scent of our boilies, creating a seamless and natural food source. Even wary or cautious fish will be enticed by these pop-ups, seeing them as a familiar and established source of nourishment.

Each tub of Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop Ups contains 250ml of these high-quality hookbaits. They are conveniently sized at 15mm, providing versatility for various fishing scenarios.

Here’s a top tip from our consultants: Enhance the effectiveness of your pop-up by dipping it in the Hookbait Enhancement System glug of a matching flavor before casting. This will amplify the food signal and attract more fish to your hookbait.

Choose Mainline Dedicated Base Mix Pop Ups to elevate your angling game. Experience the confidence and reliability that comes with using a trusted brand like Mainline. Catch more fish and make every session a success with these exceptional pop-up hookbaits.

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12mm, 15mm, 18mm

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