Leeda Rogue Mini Markers


  • Ultra buoyant
  • Highly visible
  • Drop from bait or rowing boat
  • Pack of 2

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The Leeda Rogue Mini Markers are an essential tool for anglers who want to accurately mark their fishing spots. These markers are designed to be ultra-buoyant, ensuring they stay afloat on the water’s surface and remain easily visible, even at a distance.
The pack includes two markers, providing anglers with the convenience of having a spare marker at hand. Whether you are fishing from a bait boat or rowing boat, these markers are versatile and can be easily dropped into the water to mark your desired fishing spot.
Their ultra-buoyancy ensures that they will stay afloat and clearly visible, allowing you to accurately pinpoint your fishing location for precise bait placement and successful angling.
With the Leeda Rogue Mini Markers, anglers can enhance their fishing experience and maximize their chances of a successful catch by accurately marking and targeting their preferred fishing spots.

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