Korum Chair Side Tray


  • Transform chair to tackle station
  • Simply fit knuckle
  • Use inserts to find the best fit
  • Handwheel adjustment
  • Inserts 23mm, 25mm round, and 23mm square

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The Korum Any Chair Side Tray is an innovative and versatile accessory designed specifically for fishing chairs. This mountable and adaptable side table provides convenient access to your accessories, baits, and even your drink while you’re enjoying your fishing session.
The Any Chair system is a game-changer, transforming ordinary chairs into fully modular tackle stations. With its user-friendly design, you can easily attach the side tray to your chair by opening the knuckle and fitting it onto the chair leg. The supplied inserts ensure a secure and customized fit, allowing you to achieve the best setup for your specific chair. You can even adjust the angle of the side tray using the handwheel system, giving you complete control over your fishing setup.
The Korum Any Chair Side Tray comes with inserts for 23mm round, 25mm round, and 23mm square chair legs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of chair types. Additionally, it is designed to fit directly onto Korum X25 and S23 Accessory chairs, providing seamless integration and enhancing the functionality of these chairs.
With the Korum Any Chair Side Tray, you can keep your essential fishing gear and refreshments within easy reach, maximizing your convenience and efficiency on the bank. This versatile accessory is a must-have for anglers who value organization and accessibility during their fishing sessions.
Upgrade your fishing chair with the Korum Any Chair Side Tray and enjoy a fully equipped and customizable tackle station right at your fingertips.

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