Korda Singlez Upright


  • Easily adjustable
  • Stainless steel
  • Mix and match
  • Strong and durable


The Korda Singlez Upright is part of the revolutionary rod support system, Singlez, from Korda. This range has been in development for nearly a decade, with Korda founder Danny Fairbrass conceiving the idea back in 2008 during a fishing trip in France. He wanted a single buzz bar system that combined the good looks and durability of a single stick setup with the convenience and precise spacing of a buzz bar. After extensive development and testing, the Korda Singlez Range was born.
These Uprights are designed to be inserted into the Korda Singlez Buzz Bar to elevate your rods from the bankside. They come in three different lengths for you to choose from. The shortest is 9cm, perfect for anglers fishing in open areas without much foliage. The middle height is 12.5cm, offering a balance between elevation and a low-profile setup. The tallest option is 16.5cm, suitable for venues with dense bankside foliage or anglers who prefer a taller setup. The Uprights can be further extended using the locking adjustment system, providing even more versatility.
You can mix and match these Korda Singlez Uprights to create your ideal setup. Whether you need to reach over snags near the margins, achieve a slack line angling position, or create a flat parallel system, the Korda Singlez range offers the flexibility to suit your preferences. With Korda Singlez, the choice is truly yours, allowing you to fish with confidence and precision.

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3.5in, 5in, 6.5in

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