Guru Drag Line


  • Designed for commercial carping
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Super supple and tough
  • 250m spool


The Guru Drag Line is the ultimate choice for anglers seeking a high-performance mono reel line. Crafted with precision and expertise, this line is specifically designed to excel in the rough and tumble of commercial-water carping.
Ideal for use on match feeder reels, the Guru Drag Line delivers exceptional performance during repeated casting, playing, and landing. Whether you’re using method feeders or pellet wagglers, this line will meet and exceed your expectations. With a generous spool size of 250m, you’ll have an abundant supply to last you through countless fishing sessions.
The Guru team left no stone unturned in their quest for the perfect line. Their key criteria included achieving the ideal balance between abrasion resistance and diameter. The result is a line that is not only incredibly robust but also remarkably supple. This unique combination ensures smooth casting, allowing the line to glide effortlessly off the spool with each method feeder throw.
With the Guru Drag Line, you can fish with confidence, knowing that it has been engineered to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding conditions. Say goodbye to compromised fishing experiences and embrace a line that consistently delivers reliability and durability.
Upgrade your angling gear with the Guru Drag Line and experience the difference it makes in your pursuit of carp. Get ready to take on the challenges of commercial waters with a line that is built to withstand the toughest battles.

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