Guru Aventus Distance Feeder


  • 3 piece 13ft rod
  • Three carbon large eye tips
  • Casting weight 150g
  • 100m plus with the right gear
  • Ideal for large commercials
  • Superb for skimmers on naturals
  • Great on big rivers
  • Cork handle
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Longer handle

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Guru Aventus Distance Feeder: Your Solution for Long-Range Casting

The Guru Aventus Distance Feeder, a versatile three-piece 13ft rod, is your ultimate choice for achieving remarkable casting distances. This high-performance rod comes complete with three carbon distance large-eye quiver tips to elevate your angling experience.

With a robust casting weight of 150g, this Guru feeder rod empowers you to reach distances of 100m and beyond when combined with the right equipment and technique. It’s your go-to companion for targeting carp on large commercial fisheries during the summer months, where casting prowess is key.

Furthermore, this rod is equally adept at tackling skimmers in natural venues, making it a versatile choice for various angling scenarios. Whether you’re angling on expansive rivers or challenging waters, the Guru Aventus Distance Feeder will not disappoint.

Its construction boasts the bulletproof durability of Fuji Alconite K-Guides, ensuring smooth line management even during the most demanding sessions. The A-Grade Cork handle provides comfort and resilience throughout your fishing day, complemented by a Fuji DPS reel seat for secure reel attachment.

To further enhance your grip, this rod features a Guru EVA hand grip with finger molds, ensuring you have full control over your casting accuracy. The extended handle, longer than usual, aids in distance and precision, allowing you to deliver your bait to the perfect spot.

In summary, this Guru Distance Feeder is the ultimate choice for anglers seeking a rod that delivers outstanding casting performance while maintaining the durability and comfort needed for long sessions by the water. Whether you’re chasing carp, skimmers, or exploring challenging river environments, this rod is your trusted companion.

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