Rage Pro Shad Perch


  • Realistic pattern
  • Catches on hard waters
  • Great in clear water
  • Length 18cm

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Introducing the highly anticipated Rage Pro Shad Perch, a notable addition to the esteemed Fox Rage Pro Shad Natural Classics II Lure collection. The Fox Rage Pro Shads have established themselves as game-changers in the world of angling since their initial introduction several years ago. Now, anglers have reason to celebrate as Fox unveils an exciting array of new colours across both the Natural and Firetail ranges.

With the water clarity in numerous European fishing venues on the rise, predators have grown increasingly selective and challenging to tempt. This is precisely where the expertise of Fox shines through. The latest releases are tailored to cater to the specific needs of anglers looking to target those elusive and hard-to-tempt predators that are exclusively focused on natural prey. These lures are finely tuned to mimic the appearance and behavior of their prey, making them all the more irresistible to the discerning predator.

For those days when a brighter and more attention-grabbing pattern can make the critical difference in your angling success, Fox has also introduced a range of vibrant and eye-catching new colours. These additions not only enhance your chances of attracting predator attention but also serve as a testament to Fox’s dedication to providing anglers with the most effective and innovative tools to elevate their angling experience.

In a rapidly evolving angling world where adaptability and precision are key, the Rage Pro Shad Perch and its companion lures exemplify Fox’s commitment to helping anglers stay one step ahead and outsmart even the most cunning of aquatic adversaries. Whether you’re seeking to tempt the savviest of predators or simply make a bold statement on the water, these new additions are poised to be your trusted companions in the pursuit of angling excellence.

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