Rage Trace Crimp Covers


  • Tapered rubber rig sleeves
  • Neat trace finish
  • Protects crimp
  • Helps eliminate debris build up

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The Rage Trace Crimp Covers are indispensable accessories for anglers looking to maintain the integrity of their pike fishing rigs. These tapered rubber sleeves are thoughtfully designed to deliver a polished appearance and serve the essential function of protecting the crimp when crafting custom traces. Furthermore, they aid in preventing debris from accumulating on the trace.
Key Features:
Tapered Design: The Rage Trace Crimp Covers feature a tapered design that not only provides a neat and streamlined finish to your fishing rig but also enhances the overall appearance of your tackle.
Crimp Protection: These sleeves are primarily designed to protect the crimp when you’re constructing your own traces. Ensuring the crimp’s integrity is maintained is crucial for the reliability of your fishing setup.
Debris Prevention: An additional benefit of these crimp covers is their ability to help eliminate debris from collecting on the trace. This feature reduces the risk of contamination that can affect your angling experience.
The Rage Trace Crimp Covers are a valuable addition to your pike fishing gear, offering both aesthetic and functional benefits. Their tapered design ensures a professional finish, while their crimp protection and debris prevention capabilities guarantee that your traces remain in optimal condition. With these crimp covers in your tackle box, you’re well-prepared for successful and hassle-free pike fishing adventures.

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