Rage Kwik Change Trace Link


  • Link attaches to leader
  • Simply twist swivel on
  • Highly secure connection
  • Does not stress clip

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Introducing the Rage Kwik Change Trace Link, a convenient and secure solution for attaching your leader without the need to open a swivel. This innovative trace link simplifies your angling experience and ensures a reliable connection.
Key Features:
Swift Attachment: The Rage Kwik Change Trace Link streamlines the leader attachment process. Simply twist the connecting swivel onto it, eliminating the need to open the swivel. This quick change feature enhances the efficiency of your rig setup.
High Security: This trace link offers a highly secure connection, providing peace of mind during your angling endeavors. Your leader will remain firmly in place, even in the face of strong fish and challenging conditions.
Clip Stress Prevention: The Kwik Change Trace Link is designed to prevent stress on the clip that can result from continual opening. This thoughtful design ensures the longevity and reliability of your gear.
With the Rage Kwik Change Trace Link as part of your angling equipment, you can enjoy the benefits of swift and secure leader attachment without compromising the durability of your gear. This innovative trace link enhances your angling experience, allowing you to focus on the catch without worrying about the connection.

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