Rage Predator Measure


  • Record fish length accurately
  • Up to 1.4m in cm increments
  • Easy storage
  • Matching bag.
  • Fish friendly material
  • Hinged solid measure base

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Introducing the Fox Rage Predator Measure, your go-to tool for accurately and stylishly recording the length of your catch. Designed with precision and practicality in mind, this measuring device elevates your fishing experience.
Accurate Measurement: The Rage Predator Measure allows you to measure fish up to 1.4 meters with ease, providing precise readings in centimeter increments. Ensure your catch’s length is recorded accurately every time.
Convenient Storage: Say goodbye to bulky equipment. This measure comes with a matching bag, making storage a breeze. Keep your measuring tool organized and ready for your next angling adventure.
Durable and Fish-Friendly: Crafted from durable Camo material, this measure is built to withstand the rigors of fishing while remaining fish-friendly. Your catch will be handled with care, and the measure will stand the test of time.
Hinged Solid Base: The Rage Predator Measure features a hinged solid base that ensures accurate positioning of the fish during measurement. Say farewell to guesswork; this measure provides a stable platform for precise readings.
In summary, the Rage Predator Measure is the perfect companion for any angler who values accuracy and style. With its ability to measure fish up to 1.4 meters, easy storage solution, durable construction, and hinged solid base, this measuring tool ensures that your catch’s length is recorded accurately and that you do so with ease and convenience. Elevate your angling experience with the Rage Predator Measure.

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