Rage 7 Strand Titanium Leader


  • Ready to fish
  • Surefit snap links
  • 2 per pack


The Fox Rage 7 Strand Titanium Leader is a versatile option for anglers who want to get started with their fishing adventures right away. This leader range covers a wide spectrum of fishing scenarios, from light lure fishing to larger baits aimed at catching substantial predators. Here are some key features of these leaders:

Surefit Snap Links: All leaders in this range come equipped with our Surefit snap links, ensuring secure and hassle-free attachment of your tackle and baits.

Convenient Packaging: Each pack contains two leaders, providing you with spares and options for your fishing setups.

Variety of Breaking Strains: The Rage 7 Strand Titanium Leader range offers six versions with multiple breaking strains, allowing you to choose the right leader for your specific fishing needs.

Durable Construction: These leaders are crafted from 7 strand titanium, ensuring they can handle the challenges of different fishing scenarios. With a length of 40cm and breaking strains of 23 to 34kg, they provide both strength and flexibility.

ThisRage Titanium Leader range is a valuable addition for anglers who want to be prepared for a variety of fishing situations, from light lure fishing to targeting larger predators. With its convenient features and durable construction, these leaders make it easier for you to get started with your fishing adventures and provide versatility for a range of angling scenarios.

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23kg, 34kg

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