Fox Halo Headtorch


  • Adjustable brightness
  • Rechargeable built in battery
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Elasticated adjustable headband
  • Weight 130g

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Introducing the Fox Halo Headtorch, the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. This adjustable brightness head torch is designed to provide reliable illumination in any situation.

Featuring a powerful combination of 1 x Luxeon TX White LED and 2 x 3mm Nichia White LEDs, this head torch delivers exceptional brightness and clarity. Whether you need a focused beam or a wider spread of light, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your needs.

With a rechargeable built-in battery supplied, you can enjoy the convenience of not having to constantly replace batteries. The head torch comes with a Micro USB charging cable, allowing you to recharge it quickly and easily.

Safety is a top priority, and that’s why the Fox Halo Headtorch is equipped with a motion sensor that can be set up on a bank stick for added security. This feature ensures that the light is only activated when it detects movement, conserving battery life and providing peace of mind.

Comfort is key during extended use, and the head torch is designed with a single elasticated adjustable headband for a secure and comfortable fit. The battery is conveniently located at the rear in a separate case, keeping the weight evenly distributed for optimal comfort.

Keep track of the battery’s charging status with the built-in charging status indicator, so you know when it’s time to recharge. The head torch operates with a user-friendly two-button system, allowing for easy control and navigation through the various lighting modes.

Weighing just 130g including the battery, this head torch is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and more.

It’s important to note that if the head torch is not being used for an extended period, it’s recommended to recharge the battery every 3 months. This ensures that the battery maintains its performance, as it may require a few complete charging and discharging cycles to reach its full potential.

Experience reliable and versatile lighting with this Fox Headtorch, where convenience, performance, and safety come together to illuminate your adventures.

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