Dynamite Speedys Washters


  • Unique flavours and oils
  • High leakage
  • Great for feeder and Method
  • Perfect for bait spikes, hair-rigging or banding
  • Booster liquid included


Experience the innovation of Dynamite Speedys Washters – a groundbreaking range of match fishing mini wafters developed in collaboration with renowned match angler, Nick Speed. These hookbaits are meticulously crafted to cater to all coarse species, and they come in a variety of vibrant colors and sizes, providing the perfect solution for any fishing scenario and lakebed condition.
Versatile in application, Speedys Washters excel when used with various fishing methods, including feeder, bomb, waggler, and pole fishing. Their exceptional buoyancy and balanced presentation make them irresistible to even the most cautious fish, increasing your chances of successful hook-ups.
Each Washter boasts a unique, secret flavor, cleverly identified by its individual coding. This diverse range ensures you have an array of enticing scents at your disposal, enticing different fish species and boosting your chances of attracting the most elusive catches.
To provide your hookbaits with an extra edge, every pot of Speedys Washters includes a booster liquid. This potent attractant enhances the appeal of your bait, giving you the upper hand on the water and enticing more fish to bite.
Whether you’re a seasoned match angler or a passionate enthusiast, the Dynamite Speedys Washters are set to revolutionize your fishing experience, leading to increased success and memorable moments on the bank. With these innovative mini wafters, your fishing adventures will never be the same again.

Additional information


3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm


Brown ESZ, Pink ESB, Yellow ESL, Yellow F1

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