Dynamite Source Pop Ups


  • Fantastic recipe
  • 15mm
  • Very buoyant
  • Ideal for Snowman set-ups


Introducing the highly effective Dynamite Source Pop Ups, specially crafted to perfectly complement Dynamite’s renowned The Source Boilie. These exceptional pop-ups are built upon the same successful recipe that has made The Source range a legend in the angling community. Designed according to Terry Hearn’s personal recipe, these pop-ups boast an impressive 100 percent natural ingredient composition.
The secret to their allure lies in the carefully crafted combination of high protein fishmeal and bird food, enhanced with the addition of crushed egg shell. This unique blend creates an irresistible attraction that carp find hard to resist. The Source Pop-Ups are available in a convenient 15mm size, perfect for various fishing situations.
Supplied in a screw-top tub, the Dynamite Source Pop Ups offer excellent value, lasting for numerous fishing sessions. With these pop-ups in your arsenal, you can confidently target carp with a tried and tested hookbait that has proven its worth time and again.
For anglers seeking a comprehensive approach to their baiting strategy, Dynamite offers a complete range of Source products. From a matching Hookbait Dip and Liquid Attractant to a Stick Mix, Base Mix, and Pellet range, you can effortlessly enhance the effectiveness of The Source Boilies and Pop-Ups with these complementary products.
Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting your carp fishing journey, Dynamite Source Pop Ups are a reliable choice, backed by Terry Hearn’s personal endorsement. Upgrade your fishing game and experience the power of The Source range to entice more carp into your swim and secure those coveted bites.

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15mm, 18mm, 20mm

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