Dynamite Source Hookbaits


  • Long lasting hook baits
  • Extended 48 hour breakdown


Introducing the revolutionary Dynamite Source Hard Hookbaits! Crafted with the same top-quality ingredients found in our renowned boilie range, these Hard Hookbaits deliver the same irresistible leakage but in a hardened, slower breakdown version. They are the ultimate solution for anglers seeking a robust and long-lasting hookbait that can withstand extended periods in the water and deter nuisance species.

Unlike conventional methods of simply drying down boilies to increase hardness, our carp fishing Hard Hookbaits are created with a carefully formulated recipe. This ensures that all the nutritional goodness and attractants of our boilie range are retained, while providing an extended 48-hour breakdown period. With these Hard Hookbaits, you can have complete confidence in their enduring effectiveness throughout your fishing session.

One of the standout features of our Dynamite Source Hard Hookbaits is their user-friendly design. You won’t need any bait drills or complicated equipment to prepare them for your rig. These hookbaits can be easily hair rigged using a standard baiting needle, saving you time and effort on the bank. This convenient setup allows you to focus on the excitement of fishing, knowing that your hookbait will maintain its prime condition and continue to attract carp when they arrive at your fishing spot.

Experience the difference with Dynamite Source Hard Hookbaits and take your angling game to the next level. Trust in our expertly crafted recipe and enjoy the benefits of a durable, long-lasting, and highly effective hookbait that will keep you ahead of the game. Get ready to land those elusive carp with confidence and precision.

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14/15mm, 20mm

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