Drennan Vertex Carp 12ft


  • Lines 4lb to 6lb
  • Screw down reel seat
  • Ideal for commercial fisheries
  • Fast line pickup
  • Cushion strike tip
  • Ideal for all float sizes

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The Drennan Vertex Carp 12ft is an exceptional choice for anglers targeting carp in the United Kingdom. This rod showcases a superb through action, which is perfectly suited for playing fish and minimizing the risk of hook pulls. Building upon 15 years of success with the acclaimed Series 7 rods, Drennan has incorporated new and improved materials and manufacturing techniques into their latest Vertex range.

The Vertex Carp Waggler stands out with its lightweight and well-balanced design, offering progressive reserves of power and a tip action specifically engineered to reduce hook pulls. Whether you’re targeting small silverfish or battling with F1’s and larger, hard-fighting carp, this rod handles the challenge with finesse.

When it comes to float fishing, the Vertex Carp Waggler excels. It is optimized for reel lines ranging from 4lb to 6lb breaking strain (approximately 0.16 to 0.22mm), ensuring reliable performance when paired with suitable hooklengths. Regardless of the size of wagglers you prefer, this rod caters to all preferences, providing the versatility needed to adapt to different fishing situations.

Crafted with attention to detail, the Drennan Vertex Carp 12ft features a high-grade cork handle, complete with an EVA casting grip for comfort and a secure grip during those intense fishing sessions. The screw-down reel seat ensures a firm connection between the rod and reel, while the hook keeper ring conveniently keeps your hook in place when not in use. SiC guides are employed throughout the rod, ensuring smooth line management and reducing friction for optimal casting and retrieve.

Enhancing the overall aesthetics, the Vertex branding adds a touch of style to the rod’s appearance, solidifying its status as a standout choice for carp fishing enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a passionate newcomer, the Drennan Vertex Carp 12ft rod is poised to deliver exceptional performance and quality on your next fishing expedition in the UK.

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