Drennan Red Carp Waggler


  • Smooth progressive action
  • Pin point casting
  • Cork Duplon handle
  • Screw down reel seat
  • Keeper ring
  • 2 piece


The Drennan Red Range Carp Waggler Fishing Rod is purposefully designed with commercial carp fishing in mind. This range of carp rods from Drennan stands out on the bank with its unique dark burgundy finish. Available in two lengths, both options feature a balanced and lightweight carbon blank, ensuring a smooth and progressive action.
The carefully engineered action of the Red Range Carp Waggler Fishing Rod provides excellent control over floats and line action, while still delivering the power needed to handle hard-fighting carp. Drennan has achieved this balance while maintaining a responsive tip, allowing you to effectively play smaller silverfish, tench, and bream as well. These Red Range Carp Wagglers are specifically designed for repetitive pellet waggler casting, catering to the needs of anglers targeting carp in commercial fisheries.
The 11ft rod in this range is specifically designed for fishing in tighter swims, where casting and fish-playing room may be limited. It excels in close-range work and can cast a wide range of floats, up to 5g. With its versatility and accuracy, this version of the Red Range Waggler is the ultimate tool for precision casting in smaller fishing areas. On the other hand, the 12ft version is built to cast larger floats, up to 8g, with incredible accuracy. This makes it the perfect choice for larger waters where longer casting distances may be required. Whether you’re fishing in confined swims or targeting more expansive venues, the Red Range Carp Waggler Fishing Rod has you covered.
Both rods feature a combination cork and duplon handle, providing a comfortable grip during long fishing sessions. The screw-down reel seat ensures a secure and stable reel attachment, while the handy hook keeper ring allows for convenient storage of your rig when not in use.
Drennan is recognized as England’s top tackle company, a distinction echoed by five-time World Champion, Alan Scotthorne. With a history dating back to 1967 when Peter Drennan began producing floats in his mother’s garage, the company has grown steadily over the past 50 years. Today, Drennan produces over 2500 unique products for tackle shops across the country. Despite its international reach, all product research and development still takes place in the UK. This ensures that all tackle produced by Drennan is designed and developed with British anglers in mind, addressing the challenges they face on their local waters.
Choose the Drennan Red Range Carp Waggler Fishing Rod for its performance-driven design, attention to detail, and commitment to meeting the needs of British anglers. Experience the quality and reliability that have made Drennan a trusted name in the fishing tackle industry for over five decades.

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