Drennan Crystal Avon


  • High quality materials
  • Streamlined body shape
  • Exceptional bite detection
  • Various sizes available


The Drennan Crystal Avon River Fishing Float is a top-notch float designed specifically for river fishing, particularly for targeting fish like roach, chub, and dace in flowing water. Its exceptional performance and features make it a favourite among anglers who appreciate precision and reliability.
Crafted with high-quality materials, the Crystal Avon Float is built to withstand the rigours of river fishing. It features a crystal-clear body that not only provides excellent visibility in all light conditions but also adds to its overall durability. This float is designed to handle the challenges of fast-flowing rivers, ensuring it remains stable and visible even in turbulent water.
The Avon Float boasts a streamlined, elongated body shape, which helps it cut through the water with ease, allowing for accurate and controlled casting. Its slim profile reduces resistance in the current, enabling you to present your bait precisely where you want it. Whether you’re fishing close to the bank or targeting mid-river features, this float provides exceptional control and maneuverability.
Equipped with a highly sensitive bristle, the Crystal Avon Float offers excellent bite detection. Its delicate yet responsive tip ensures you can detect even the most subtle of bites, giving you a distinct advantage when targeting cautious or finicky fish. This level of sensitivity allows you to strike at the right moment, increasing your chances of hooking your target species.
The Crystal Avon Float is available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the ideal float for your fishing requirements. Whether you’re fishing in shallow or deeper water, there’s a size to suit your needs. Each float is meticulously constructed and tested to ensure it meets Drennan’s high standards of performance and reliability.
With its exceptional visibility, precise casting, and sensitive bite detection, the Drennan Crystal Avon River Fishing Float is a go-to choice for anglers who enjoy river fishing. Experience the confidence and control this float provides, and elevate your river fishing adventures to new levels of success.

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2.4g – 3AA, 3.2g – 4AA, 4.0g – 5AA, 5.6g – 7AA

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