Cygnet Minimal 3 Rod


  • Slim profile Buzz Bar
  • Solid metal fittings
  • Matt black finish


    The Cygnet Minimal 3 Rod Buzzer Bars is the ultimate choice for the modern carp angler seeking a three-rod setup. With this sleek and efficient design, you can target a wide area or focus on a specific carpy hotspot, maximising your chances of a successful take without overcrowding the water with excessive tackle.

    Crafted as part of Cygnet’s Minimal bankware range, the Three Rod Buzzer Bar ensures your top-performing carp rods are securely held in the optimal position throughout your fishing session. Sit back, relax, and keep a watchful eye over the water, knowing that your rods are perfectly aligned. Inspired by the highly innovative Cygnet 20/20 range, this new Minimal bankware range offers the same high performance and attractive aesthetics in a slimmer and more streamlined package.

    Available in five sizes, ranging from 8.5 inches to 12.5 inches, the Cygnet Minimal 3 Rod provides options to suit your specific needs. The fixed design ensures a sturdy and twist-free support system, keeping your rods in precise positions over the water. The compact formation of the smallest spread is ideal for fishing with precision and accuracy, while the largest spread allows you to maximise your coverage, targeting various locations within the same swim. The intermediate sizes provide versatile options for a wide range of carp fishing scenarios.

    Crafted from high-quality materials, the Minimal Buzzer Bar Three Rod delivers exceptional durability. Designed to withstand various weather conditions, these bars offer reliable support for your rods season after season. With solid metal fittings, you can trust in their longevity, making them a valuable investment in your angling arsenal. Their slim profile sets them apart, exuding a sleek and modern look on the bank that will catch the attention of fellow anglers for all the right reasons. Finished in a contemporary matt black colour, these bars perfectly complement any carp fishing rods, adding a touch of class and a bespoke finish to your entire setup.

    If you seek a top-quality set of three-rod buzz bars, your search ends here. The Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar Three Rod is the perfect choice. Embracing a “less is more” philosophy, this range offers exceptional value for money without compromising on style. Designed for image-conscious and style-savvy anglers, the Cygnet Minimal bankware range is poised to make a statement on the banks across the country. Elevate your angling experience with the Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bar Three Rod and join the ranks of anglers who value both performance and aesthetics.

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    9.5 inch, 10.5 inch, 11.5 inch

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