CC Moore NS1 Black Pop Ups


  • Durable skin
  • Consistent buoyancy for 24hrs
  • Use alone or over loose feed
  • Excellent for targeting wary fish
  • Potently sweet citrus fruit NS1 flavour
  • Ideal for coating with Hookbait Booster

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CC Moore NS1 Black Pop Ups are a highly anticipated addition to the esteemed Northern Special Range, renowned among carp anglers worldwide for their exceptional quality and unrivaled success. Developed over many months of meticulous research and extensive field testing, these 14mm pop ups have earned their rightful place as the ultimate choice for anglers pursuing specimen carp.

Since their initial release in 2008, the Northern Special NS1 Pop Ups and wafters have become an integral part of the angling arsenal of some of the most accomplished big fish anglers around the globe. Month after month, these potent and attractive hook baits continue to entice and outwit a vast number of carp, establishing an unrivaled track record of consistent captures.

The CC Moore NS1 Limited Edition Black Fishing Pop Ups embody the pinnacle of hi-attract hook baits. Their distinctive black colour sets them apart from the rest, making them an excellent choice for targeting wary fish that have become accustomed to conventional offerings. Infused with a high level of the potently sweet and citrus-fruit NS1 flavour, these pop ups emit an irresistible scent that entices carp and triggers their feeding response.

Crafted with a durable skin, these pop ups boast exceptional buoyancy that remains consistent for a remarkable 24 hours or more. Whether used alone or in combination with loose feed or boilies, their performance remains unparalleled, making them a reliable option for any angling scenario.

To further enhance their appeal, the CC Moore NS1 Black Pop Upshave been carefully formulated to maximize flavor and attractor leakage. The inclusion of CCM Pop Up Mix ensures a controlled and gradual release of attractants, creating a captivating scent trail that entices carp from afar. Additionally, the ideal texture of these pop ups allows for effortless coating with the matching Hookbait Booster, intensifying their attraction and boosting their effectiveness.

Join the ranks of anglers who refuse to settle for second best. Embrace the CC Moore NS1 Limited Edition Black Fishing Pop Ups and discover the unparalleled success that comes with using the ultimate hi-attract hook baits. It’s time to take your angling endeavors to new heights and leave no doubt in the minds of carp that your bait is the one they simply can’t resist.

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