CC Moore NS1 Black Wafters


  • Possibly the best carp hookbait ever
  • Balanced buoyancy
  • Durable toughened skin
  • Lasts 24hrs
  • Use alone or over loose feed
  • Distinctive black colour
  • Citrus fruit flavour
  • Pot of 65

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CC Moore NS1 Black Wafters a limited edition  bait widely regarded as the pinnacle of hookbait excellence. These unique dumbbell-shaped wafters, infused with a black citrus-fruit blend, are the latest addition to the highly acclaimed NS1 range and have garnered an exceptional reputation for their effectiveness. Each pot of these wafters comes with a sachet of our intensely potent Hookbait Booster liquid, further enhancing their appeal to discerning anglers.

The CC Moore NS1 Black Wafters are specifically crafted in a 10x14mm size and shape, offering balanced buoyancy that makes them suitable for various wafter rigs and presentations. The wafters feature a durable and toughened skin, ensuring their longevity for up to 24 hours or more. This exceptional durability allows for extended fishing sessions without compromising their performance.

These wafters are designed to be used either on their own or in conjunction with loose feed or boilies, providing versatility in your approach. Infused with an exceptionally high level of our powerful citrus-fruit type ‘NS1 flavor,’ these wafters emit a potent attractant that entices carp with irresistible appeal.

To maximize flavor and attractor leakage, we recommend coating the wafters with our specially formulated CCM Pop Up Mix. This combination ensures that the wafters emit an irresistible scent and taste that carp find impossible to resist.

The CC Moore Limited Edition NS1 Black 10x14mm Wafters are truly revolutionary and have earned the reputation as one of the most successful carp hookbaits ever used. Their effectiveness is unparalleled, making them a must-have for anglers seeking ultimate performance on the bank.

Embrace the limited edition nature of these exceptional hookbaits and elevate your fishing to new heights with the CC Moore Limited Edition NS1 Black 10x14mm Wafters. Experience the unrivaled quality, attractive presentation, and remarkable results that have made them the preferred choice of anglers worldwide. Limited in quantity, but boundless in potential, these wafters are a testament to our commitment to excellence in bait design and innovation.

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