CC Moore Duo Floaters


  • Two different colours
  • Designed for floater fishing
  • Size 12mm x 14mm
  • Two outstanding hookbait options

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CC Moore Duo Floaters hook bait, a versatile and effective addition to your fishing arsenal.

This pack contains two distinct sets of hookbaits, each designed to cater to different fishing scenarios. The lighter-coloured hookbaits perfectly complement chum mixer type biscuits and our renowned 11mm Floating Trout Pellets. These combinations have been trusted by floater anglers for over 20 years, delivering consistent results. The visual match between these hookbaits and the accompanying bait creates a seamless presentation that is sure to entice feeding fish.

On the other hand, the darker-coloured hookbaits in this pack are specifically crafted to align with trout and Betaine pellets. These pellets can be utilized as buoyant “pop-up hookbaits” fished on or near the bottom. Their darker hue ensures a striking contrast and adds a touch of realism to your presentation. Additionally, these hookbaits excel as floater options, mimicking natural food items effortlessly. When viewed from below, they resemble a genuine food source floating on the water’s surface, effectively attracting even the most cautious fish.

The CC Moore Duo Floaters are not limited to specific feeding methods. They are specially designed to work harmoniously with any loose feed that is delivered in PVA bags or sticks. These highly attractive and durable pop-up hookbaits are infused with our secret fish-oil-based syrup. This infusion ensures the release of potent feeding triggers that permeate all layers of the water, maximizing their effectiveness.

To further customize your approach, the Duo Floater Hookbaits can be trimmed into various shapes, allowing you to create a unique appearance that sets them apart from conventional offerings. This attention to detail can make all the difference in enticing those elusive fish and increasing your chances of a successful catch.

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